Hipster Replacement: And so it begins...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And so it begins...

Hello everyone, I am Hipster Replacement. I go to a lot of indie music shows here in NYC, and want to share my passion for music with anyone who chooses to read my brand new blog. Occasionally I suppose we'll discuss other issues, but this is primarily an attempt at an urban music blog in the tradition of Brooklyn Vegan.

I am in my early 40's, hence the name Hipster Replacement. While I find that I am generally on the older side of the audience at the shows I attend, I can easily establish my music-knowledge credibility. At first people seem to think I'm a narc or something. I have learned to find this amusing.

New York is such an amazing place for a live-music aficionado, I have been going overboard for the last 3 years or so since discovering the small- to medium-sized venues and the great bands they showcase. Tonight I am going to see Art Brut at Southpaw, great small venue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I usually go to these shows by myself since it is hard to find people my age with as much time and interest in going to all these shows, but I am always open to going with other people. My wife joins me occasionally when the show is worth getting a babysitter...

Rather than rehash all the shows I have been to recently, and there have been many, I will post when I find a worthy show.

My main music resources are:

RadioParadise -- my favorite eclectic radio station, internet only. Definitely try this to expand your music horizons, no matter how broad you think your taste is currently.

KEXP Seattle -- by far the best public radio station for indie/alternative music I have ever heard. Hits you with new stuff every day, and the programmers/dj's are extremely knowledgeable. John Richards and Cheryl Waters are my favorite DJ's and I listen to the Morning and Afternoon shows whenever I can.

I actually stream both of these stations into my ipod and listen while at work or on the subway. I am surprised more people don't do this, I have been doing it for more than 3 years, before podcasting became a trend. I am happy to talk about how I do this with anyone interested.

The aforementioned Brooklyn Vegan -- I can't even count how many shows this guy has found for me. Indispensable resource for band and tour information.

That's it for now; I could go on for days about music but moderation is key...


At 7:15 PM EDT , Blogger janet said...

Really cool blog name, hipster replacement! I'm glad there's someone almost my age who can share music knowledge with me. I'd love to go to a show with you sometime!


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