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Monday, August 03, 2009

Google and Apple: the war begins (continues?)

NY Times: Google Chief Resigns as Apple Director

Clearly relations between Google and Apple are really breaking down. Apple's rejection of the Google Voice app (see article) is really moving this along.

One of the biggest frustrations of coming up with something new is the extreme difficulty of getting it to those who need to hear it / could make use of it most. With the When I'm Mobile approach, Google could really punch Apple in the eye at a time when they seem to really want / need to do this.

So for now I will keep plugging away, get my thoughts and ideas out here and wherever I can, and hope the right people start to see what I am working on and the power that it can unleash...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Article

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Here are Some Tips To Help
by Ramon Ray, from allbusiness.com

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take the "When I'm Mobile Challenge"

So let me tell you what I am working on.

No... let me show you.

The When I'm Mobile Challenge:

Take a look at your own website, or actually any website you want, on your iPhone, your Palm, your BlackBerry, your Android; whatever mobile device you use to access the web. Your company site, your blog, your MySpace page -- the site(s) you use to present your information to the online world community.

How is it looking? How is it working?

Is it taking a long time to fully load? Is it showing up at all? How easy is it for you to use? More importantly, how easy is it for people visiting your website to use?

Is it easy to find what you're looking for? Does audio play? How about video?

How many people out there, on those millions of iPhones and BlackBerries and Androids and such, are having this experience while trying to use your site?

How much does this matter?

Now -- take a look on that same phone, at some examples of how your website can be presented, and your work experienced, on the mobile web:

Paulie Gee's: www.pauliegee.com
Union Square Cafe (demo): www.whenimmobile.com/usc

Radio Paradise: www.radioparadise.com
Tori Sparks: www.torisparks.com
The Shackeltons: www.theshackeltons.com
Beggars Group USA (prototype): www.whenimmobile.com/bgusa

Friends In Deed: www.friendsindeed.org
Young Audiences (pending upcoming launch): www.whenimmobile.com/yai

I have been working on When I'm Mobile for the past year and a half. My mission: to provide the best mobile user experience possible, within the capabilities of the device being used.

This is my vision for how the web should be experienced on our phones... and I'm trying to get the word out

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been a while

but I am trying to get back to this.

I have created a company called When I'm Mobile, check it out. I got a smartphone from my last job, started trying to use the web on it, and realized that the web sucks on the phones.

Then I found out it's not the web that sucks on the phones, it's the websites. So I figured out how to make websites work properly on the mobile devices and am building a business around it.

Still very into music, though; going to see Mission of Burma, Ponytail and Fucked Up this sunday at Williamsburg Waterfront. Will be tabling the event for KEXP.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HUGE news from KEXP and WNYE: this will change everything

Somebody at KEXP asked me to keep an important secret for them when they came to New York for CMJ. I was able to do it, only telling my wife; but it was the toughest secret I have ever had to keep. It was an incredible honor to be trusted like that.

KEXP and Brooklyn radio station WNYE 91.5 are embarking on a historic collaboration which will give New York bands unprecedented access to KEXP's worldwide audience, as well as exposing the great KEXP programming to many more people in our area than ever before.

The press release was Monday, the link is on this page:

KEXP/Radio New York alliance

As a passionate KEXP member, listener and volunteer I am extremely excited about this news. I believe it will have a seismic effect on our music scene. This will give new opportunities which were previously unattainable to many bands, especially those who aren't yet in a position to spring for a trip to Seattle for a precious John Richards in-studio. Now those sessions can take place in Williamsburg much of the year!

Reaction from Seattle is of course mixed:


The Stranger

Please offer your congratulations to both stations, KEXP and WNYE. This is great news for New York.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

you gotta check this out

Found on BrooklynVegan, always credit where credit is due:


Have fun with this. Share your finds.

In the words of one of my favorite two dj's: "Holy shit that's good."

It can be creative, and it's pretty amazing and will remind you of a different day...

EDIT: it seems to be down sometimes

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lots going on

Been very busy with my new project. I am finally making my move into the music business with my first band website; I have been working with the Shackeltons. From what I can tell they are now the first ever band to have a mobile website. If you access the site from a mobile web device/smartphone, you will see a version of the Shackeltons website designed specifically for these devices.

My company is called When I'm Mobile, watch for more on this soon.

I am probably going to 5 nights in a row of music this week now that I am done with the website; it was launched today along with the Shackeltons new CD. It's great, give the songs a listen at their website.

Tonight: Vampire Weekend CD release party at Bowery
1/30: Jeffrey Lewis at Mercury Lounge
1/31: seeing a friend play his new music (I get to be the first outside his band to hear this, very exciting! I know KEXP will be playing these songs when they are released)
2/1: Shackeltons at Club Midway
2/2: Hot Chip at Highline Ballroom