Hipster Replacement: Gary Lucas Gods & Monsters - FREE show at BAM Cafe

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gary Lucas Gods & Monsters - FREE show at BAM Cafe

Gary Lucas, the guitarist from Captain Beefheart and the guy who wrote and played the instrumental line for Jeff Buckley on "Grace," is performing a free show 10/5 at 9PM in the BAM Cafe as part of the Next Wave Festival. I cannot tell you how cool it was to see Gary play Bowery Poetry Club and to have 2 Modern Lovers members (make sure you listen to I'm Straight), a Talking Heads member and a Television (man, I could find NOTHING; Wikipedia them I guess) member rocking out with him on stage. The sax player is great too, he's in the Hungry March Band.

Why this is free I have no idea.


At 10:10 AM EDT , Blogger Tanya said...

Whoa, if you've never heard Television before you're in for a treat. Go get the "Marquee Moon" album asap!


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