Hipster Replacement: Switcheroo - Kaiser Chiefs is out; Sea and Cake is in

Friday, September 28, 2007

Switcheroo - Kaiser Chiefs is out; Sea and Cake is in

Since I was really going to Kaiser Chiefs at the Beacon tomorrow night for the 1st opener, Datarock, who are awesome, and didn't really care about the main act, I decided to sell my Kaiser Chiefs ticket and buy a Sea and Cake at Warsaw ticket through Craigslist. (Datarock is playing Gramercy Theater for CMJ, I hope to catch them there instead.) I bought and sold both tickets at face (ethical people rejoice) within an hour of each other! Yay Craigslist! Psyched to see Sea and Cake at a non-Webster Hall venue for a change...

EDIT: This was a fantastic show. Both opening acts blew me away. Soft Circle is a drummer who sets up electronic, vocal and/or guitar loops and then does drum solos to the layers he's created. While it is a bit of a work in progress, once he gets going he really grooves. Catch him if you can.

Antietam came on next. A trio led by a woman who looks like she could be your mom's friend from yoga class - and I mean that in the most respectful way - killed on guitar and the audience was way into this band.

And of course Sea and Cake were mesmerizing, Archer Prewitt comes up with amazing guitar textures with way fewer gadgets than you'd think he'd need to do that.


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