Hipster Replacement: Gomez Listening Parties - New York April 27

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gomez Listening Parties - New York April 27

Gomez at Housing Works Bookstore
Gomez is coming out with a much-awaited new album, How We Operate, on May 2. They are on ATO, Dave Matthews' label, and are doing some shows with them. According to XM's "Nude Music Review," they may just be about to take America by storm, finally.

There are listening parties scheduled all over the country, the one in New York is at Jake's Dilemma Thursday, April 27 on the Upper West Side. I am attending both this one and the one at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco on April 23.

Those not familiar with Gomez' music can become acquainted by listening to the HWO title track streamed at Myspace. Their back catalog is remarkable; their first album, Bring It On, won the Mercury prize, upsetting both the Verve and Massive Attack. They were doing things in 1999 on Liquid Skin that Beck didn't discover until Guero.

people of paper has a couple of songs from the new album...

...and Golfo has some gems from past albums.


At 2:53 PM EDT , Blogger Sophie T. Mishap said...

I was given an advance copy of How We Operate in March. Haven't stopped listening to it since.

What I love about this band is they can sound completely different (including but not limited to interchanging singers every few tracks) from song to song and yet somehow get the whole room to say, 'Yeah, that's Gomez'. Of course another thing I love is that you can still see them in fairly small venues.

Thanks for the update!

- Sophie T. Mishap
(otherwise known as not-a-fish from RP)


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