Hipster Replacement: February 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HUGE news from KEXP and WNYE: this will change everything

Somebody at KEXP asked me to keep an important secret for them when they came to New York for CMJ. I was able to do it, only telling my wife; but it was the toughest secret I have ever had to keep. It was an incredible honor to be trusted like that.

KEXP and Brooklyn radio station WNYE 91.5 are embarking on a historic collaboration which will give New York bands unprecedented access to KEXP's worldwide audience, as well as exposing the great KEXP programming to many more people in our area than ever before.

The press release was Monday, the link is on this page:

KEXP/Radio New York alliance

As a passionate KEXP member, listener and volunteer I am extremely excited about this news. I believe it will have a seismic effect on our music scene. This will give new opportunities which were previously unattainable to many bands, especially those who aren't yet in a position to spring for a trip to Seattle for a precious John Richards in-studio. Now those sessions can take place in Williamsburg much of the year!

Reaction from Seattle is of course mixed:


The Stranger

Please offer your congratulations to both stations, KEXP and WNYE. This is great news for New York.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

you gotta check this out

Found on BrooklynVegan, always credit where credit is due:


Have fun with this. Share your finds.

In the words of one of my favorite two dj's: "Holy shit that's good."

It can be creative, and it's pretty amazing and will remind you of a different day...

EDIT: it seems to be down sometimes