Hipster Replacement: January 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lots going on

Been very busy with my new project. I am finally making my move into the music business with my first band website; I have been working with the Shackeltons. From what I can tell they are now the first ever band to have a mobile website. If you access the site from a mobile web device/smartphone, you will see a version of the Shackeltons website designed specifically for these devices.

My company is called When I'm Mobile, watch for more on this soon.

I am probably going to 5 nights in a row of music this week now that I am done with the website; it was launched today along with the Shackeltons new CD. It's great, give the songs a listen at their website.

Tonight: Vampire Weekend CD release party at Bowery
1/30: Jeffrey Lewis at Mercury Lounge
1/31: seeing a friend play his new music (I get to be the first outside his band to hear this, very exciting! I know KEXP will be playing these songs when they are released)
2/1: Shackeltons at Club Midway
2/2: Hot Chip at Highline Ballroom