Hipster Replacement: July 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Article

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Here are Some Tips To Help
by Ramon Ray, from allbusiness.com

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take the "When I'm Mobile Challenge"

So let me tell you what I am working on.

No... let me show you.

The When I'm Mobile Challenge:

Take a look at your own website, or actually any website you want, on your iPhone, your Palm, your BlackBerry, your Android; whatever mobile device you use to access the web. Your company site, your blog, your MySpace page -- the site(s) you use to present your information to the online world community.

How is it looking? How is it working?

Is it taking a long time to fully load? Is it showing up at all? How easy is it for you to use? More importantly, how easy is it for people visiting your website to use?

Is it easy to find what you're looking for? Does audio play? How about video?

How many people out there, on those millions of iPhones and BlackBerries and Androids and such, are having this experience while trying to use your site?

How much does this matter?

Now -- take a look on that same phone, at some examples of how your website can be presented, and your work experienced, on the mobile web:

Paulie Gee's: www.pauliegee.com
Union Square Cafe (demo): www.whenimmobile.com/usc

Radio Paradise: www.radioparadise.com
Tori Sparks: www.torisparks.com
The Shackeltons: www.theshackeltons.com
Beggars Group USA (prototype): www.whenimmobile.com/bgusa

Friends In Deed: www.friendsindeed.org
Young Audiences (pending upcoming launch): www.whenimmobile.com/yai

I have been working on When I'm Mobile for the past year and a half. My mission: to provide the best mobile user experience possible, within the capabilities of the device being used.

This is my vision for how the web should be experienced on our phones... and I'm trying to get the word out

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been a while

but I am trying to get back to this.

I have created a company called When I'm Mobile, check it out. I got a smartphone from my last job, started trying to use the web on it, and realized that the web sucks on the phones.

Then I found out it's not the web that sucks on the phones, it's the websites. So I figured out how to make websites work properly on the mobile devices and am building a business around it.

Still very into music, though; going to see Mission of Burma, Ponytail and Fucked Up this sunday at Williamsburg Waterfront. Will be tabling the event for KEXP.