Hipster Replacement: August 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Pornographers

just got a ticket to New Pornographers Bowery show for Tuesday 8/21; very psyched, they usually play larger venues!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A New Approach to my Blog

I'm back. After a long break.

I realized I may not be a music blogger after all, because:

1. I won't take pictures at shows. Distracts me from enjoying the show, and distracts others who are trying to enjoy the show as well. My opinion anyway.

2. I don't like writing about music. Why do you want to hear what I think about a song/band? Listen for yourself and decide.

What I will do is post shows I am scheduled to attend, so those of you who know me and want to know which shows I am seeing can get this info here. I will also occasionally post links to bands I like. It will be kept very simple.


Shows I am headed to in the next few months:

Thinking about the National at the Seaport this Friday (8/17); great band but not sure I want to put up with the crowd for this one. We'll see.

9/29: Kaiser Chiefs / Datarock at the Beacon. Really going for Datarock.

10/5: Gary Lucas Gods + Monsters at BAM Cafe. Gary is a great musician and a great guy. Worked closely with Jeff Buckley and was a major part of Captain Beefheart's band.

10/23: Tunng at Union Hall. Found out about this band from Gomez, if you like bands like Fields and Mew, check these guys out they are great.

10/27: The Go! Team at Bowery. Cheerleaders on acid.

Thinking about:

9/6: Bill Callahan (Smog) at Southpaw. Sorry, no good music links for this guy. Here's his main website as far as I could find: http://www.dragcity.com/bands/smog.html

11/1: Rogue Wave at Bowery