Hipster Replacement: Marika Hughes - Musician Extraordinaire

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Marika Hughes - Musician Extraordinaire

Really cool thing happened on the plane to Oakland last night. We were getting on the plane and my wife asked the woman next to us, "Do you play the cello?" Turns out it was none other than Marika Hughes, who my wife recognized as the cellist from a Vienna Teng concert we saw at Joe's Pub at least 2 years ago.

Marika is a very prolific artist involved in several projects, among them Charming Hostess and 2 Foot Yard. She is also involved in a new project, Red Pocket, in which she has co-written the songs. As big Vienna fans, my wife and I were interested in her recent experiences with her; Marika is on Vienna's new album which is due out in July.

Marika's music is very avant-garde and quite interesting, from what I have heard so far. I definitely remember her solos at the Joe's Pub show. She is touring in Europe in May.


At 7:07 AM EDT , Blogger Charlotte Deaver said...

How great! I love that. And your blog is filling up fast, huh!? You may even be ready for blogger's anxiety: when you have to post but are both too busy and can't write! Naw.
Looking very good, J.


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